Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Our Blog and a reminder

Corn Maze 2017

We will be transitioning from using email as the main means to communicate with our youth families, to a blog format.  Some of our reasons for this include, being able to post pictures and videos from events as the youth have requested and to have a central place for parents and youth to check for reminders and information.  Juggling the email lists and keeping track of who wants to know what has been a bit tricky and has resulted in some of you getting more emails than you want, and some less. The email addresses we collected at the youth picnic have already been added to receive blog posts, of which you will receive one daily-if we post something.  If you have trouble viewing this or know of an email address that missed being added, please let Sue or Chris know.

Please remember to RSVP for the Digital Dash to tlwheeler6@gmail.com 
 (October 28th, 4p.m. at the Wahrmans)

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